Snopes claims Ben Carson's team didn't discover $500 billion in accounting errors at HUD. Reason: The money is already all gone so finding the errors doesn't matter and the idea is FALSE.


HUD director Ben Carson found more than $500 billion in accounting errors at the federal agency.


The audit was initiated before Ben Carson assumed his position at HUD, and it reckons an aggregate figure of accounting errors and not an actual recovery of $500 billion in funds.
This pisses me off more than the Clinton email probe where Comey said “She did this crime, that crime, that crime….but we recommend no charges”.
This is saying the claim is false because of how they worded the claim rather than its content. Stating that technically he didn’t find the error, even though the error was found under his watch from an existing audit misses the point. Carson announced findings, and the point was not to say that Carson gets credit, but that holy shit, there’s half a fucking trillion in “error”. Snopes reframed it as being about Carson getting credit, which is a straw man argument if I ever saw one.
h/t Your_Coke_Dealer