Snow to blanket the Deep South this weekend in major winter blizzard

A significant winter storm will take shape beginning Friday over the Southern Plains and Texas, then spread this weekend through the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

How far south freezing air will reach remains an open question, making it difficult to precisely forecast ice and snow accumulation.

Winter storm watches are already in place Thursday for 6 million people in northern Texas, Oklahoma and parts of Arkansas and Missouri.

As the storm develops, forecast models will more accurately predict the freezing line and thus the type of precipitation places will experience

Immobilizing storm to bury Carolinas, southern Virginia in snow and ice

A cross-country storm will crawl through the southern United States with a swath of debilitating snow, damaging ice and flooding rain into early next week.

Rain, thunderstorms and a wintry mix are scheduled to slowly overspread the southeastern U.S. on Saturday.

I know the forecast has changed but at one point they

were predicting as much as 25 inches of snow for the carolinas.

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