Buckle up boys, it’s gonna be a long weekend.

by olymp1a twitter.com/NewDayForNJ/status/1350177543685599237 may the declassification begin t.co/FW271fcgOo www.judiciary.senate.gov/fisa-investigation For anyone getting a 403 (forbdidden) or just can’t view the files here are links to the pdfs: DOWNLOAD THEM www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Case%20Agent%201%20redacted%20transcript%20FINAL.pdf

Wilding Weekend in the USA?

Breaking: Fights break out in protest in Los Angeles. — EndGameWW3 (@EndGameWW3) May 30, 2020 BREAKING: Car drives through protestors in California t.co/QzArmyE2bO — Breaking News Global (@BreakingNAlerts) May 30,