Snowden calls out Fox News claim that memo is first proof of govt spying

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Whistleblower Edward Snowden called out Fox News host Tucker Carlson for claiming Americans have grounds to believe intelligence agencies have misused their powers “for the first time.”
Carlson tweeted Tuesday: “For the first time in generations Americans have reason to believe that our intelligence and law enforcement agencies gravely misuse the powers we have given them.”
While the US government’s inclination to spy on its citizens may have come as a surprise to Carlson, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden – who leaked documents showing the agency’s mass surveillance of Americans in 2013 – begged to differ.

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1 thought on “Snowden calls out Fox News claim that memo is first proof of govt spying

  1. The joke is the FBI is the “deep state.” They are a bunch of political hack keystone cops caught in the web of game theory playmanship. Michael Steele’s Dossier was purposely constructed, probably by allies of Trump, aka Soros and Rothschild, if not paid for by Trump himself to point the finger at the dimwit keystone cop FBI hacks. That is why there are so many holes in it, and just why did Steele write that “he really did not want to see Trump win.” What was his purpose? Why would he care so much? It is your prototypical state craft bait and switch. The black budget CIA, MI6, and Mossad who report directly to Rothschild and the Queen, among others in the cabal, don’t give a hoot about FBI officials. They would love to none other throw them over the side.

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