So everything’s just normal again huh….?

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by jellybaby00

Is anyone else losing their mind watching the way everyone is responding to the reopenings of their states? Most people seem to be acting like they truly believe the pandemic is over and the virus poses no risks anymore. Within the past week, I’ve witnessed/heard:

– Neighbors having a BBQ party with about 25 people where I saw one person going around shaking hands with people saying “Nice to meet you.”

– My 70+-year-old parents planning a vacation to another state with two other older couples they know

– Scenes of packed-to-the-gills restaurants and bars (both indoors and outside), no masks

– Friends planning a big 4th of July pool party which they say will be ok because it’s outside but no one thinking about the indoor bathroom we’d all have to share or how the 10+ little kids involved would possibly achieve social distancing

– A friend sending her two little kids to summer day camp while also still letting them hang out in the evenings with her cancer survivor 76-year-old mom…

And so on and so forth. While I understand we need to move out of the lockdowns and resume some normalcy for mental and economic health, I feel like I’m in a third dimension that everyone seems so nonchalant when the U.S. has the most coronavirus cases of any country in the world, over 118K+ deaths, and cases rising in 20+ states. What the hell is going on that if you treat the virus seriously you end up coming across as a paranoid, sour buzzkill?! I feel like even addressing concerns is a social faux pas at this point.

This Onion article has it right: City Enters Phase 4 of Pretending the Coronavirus Over



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