So funny how the sham ends when Bret is in! Dr. Ford will no longer pursue her sexual misconduct allegations against #BrettKavanaugh

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Wow! She’s had such a rough time all her life. I’ve had a friend who was sexually assaulted in College. Not only could she recall all the details about it, she has never stopped to try and keep the guy from getting out of jail. Yet Dr. Ford will no longer even pursue anything against the new SCJ. Hmmm….what a shocker!

Let’s take a look at facts.

1982 – She was apparently “attacked” at a party by 2 (or 4) teenagers.

– She cannot remember who threw the party, where the party was held, who she was with or how she got home.
– She was drinking
– She said nothing to anyone.
– She has no evidence such as a diary / journal.

1983 – 2001 Nothing said over the next 18 years.

2002… Marries Russell Ford. She said nothing to him.

2003: July 25, President George W. Bush nominated Kavanaugh to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C Circuit… She said nothing.

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2004 – 2005… Nothing.

2006: May 11, The United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary recommended confirmation. Kavanaugh subsequently confirmed by the United States Senate… She said nothing.
2006: June 1, Kavanaugh sworn in by Justice Anthony Kennedy… She said nothing.

2007 – 2009 She decides to enroll in another master’s program at Stanford, specializing in epidemiology. Her master’s thesis explored the relationship between trauma and depression.

2010 – Nothing

2011… Begins authoring books and various scientific journal articles. She says nothing about her experiences.

2012… In counseling / therapy, she recalls “being attacked” the high school party in 1982, yet doesn’t name Kavanaugh, still says nothing to authorities.

2013 – 2016 Nothing

2017 – Becomes an anti-Trump activist.

2018 – now 36 years later, with Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation looming, she…

– Early July she contacts the Washington Post tip line. The Post also reported that around that same time, Ford contacted Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-CA), her representative in Congress.

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– Pens a letter Sen. Diane Feinstein with grave accusations against Kavanaugh that SUPPOSEDLY occurred while they were both minors.

– She then reveals herself and DEMANDS an FBI investigation before testifying to her allegations.

These links give timelines for 2018

FACT: The Grandfather of Christine and Ralph III, was Nicholas Deak. Former CIA Director William Casey, acknowledges Deak’s “Decades of service to the CIA.”

RUMORS – neither confirmed NOR denied

Ms. Ford is the head of Stanford University’s Undergraduate Intern Recruitment Program, for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Balsey’s brother. Ralph III, used to work for the International Law Firm of . . . Baker Hostetler; the firm that created FusionGPS, the
company that wrote the infamous “Russia Dossier” which they later admitted was only a collection of field interviews.

Baker Hostetler is located in the same building where the CIA operates three companies:

Red coats, Inc.
Admiral Security Services

Guess who operates those companies?
RALPH BLASEY II. He is the father of Christine and Ralph III.


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