So It Begins: NY Starts Mass Confiscation Via Executive Order

It seems if you have the police get called on just may be eligible to have your guns confiscated if you’re deemed a threat…soon a anti gov post on a social media app could get you the same results.

The Governor of New York issues an executive order forcing law enforcement to issue ERPO’s. Following that order the number of ERPO confiscations skyrocket.

ATF may CRIMINALIZE millions of Americans in 2023: Mr. William Kirk from Washington Gun Law.

I was wondering when they would go full retard…most of knew this was coming. They cannot complete their plans till the serfs had their guns taken from them.

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2023 is when gov goes full retard on gun rights…

Biden has 4 years to water our rights down to open this country for invasion.

In fact we have the CPP opening police stations in this country like no tomorrow.

Can you say Trojan horse?



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