So much hypocrisy surrounding Ukraine when the war is not even about them…

by Kenshiro

Can’t help to feel sorry for all those retards going in the streets to display so much ignorance.

Has any pro Ukranian idiot realised this war involves (again)a country with natural resources in (oil and gas)in this case Russia.

Oh wait what happened a few decades ago let’s say with Iraq a very good example by the way.

The US and it’s allies made the world believe they had Nuclear weapons in Iraq. Then they decided to unilaterally invade it and secure their natural resources which they call bringing democracy. And oops no nukes to be seen around all a beautiful lie.

Where were all these belevolent people back then Oh wait the the media tells the donkeys how they have to react…. I don’t recall any protest aside from sweet talks in the air from international community no financial sanctions against the US no condemnation no air space denails nothing the world watched the criminal invasion of a sovereign country which has been obliterated with illegal ammunition like radioactive depleted uranium.

Now we have the opposite situation but with the same liars telling the world it’s about democracy…

Nato and the US and Europe lied to Putin when they said they would not expand to neighbouring countries. They did just that and this is what infuriated Putin in the first place.

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Watch this speech made 2 months ago and tell me he is just a madman gone rogue…

These sanctions will bring anarchy and poverty in Russia and I wonder what will happen when Putin falls when commies take over the nuclear arsenal is that a better choice?

Will the West secure Russia’s natural resources like in Iraq (= bringing more democracy over there)

Who’s really gone mad folks this is the NWO setting the stage for WW3 bit by bit.

Remember what they said “There will be a new world order with conquest or consent.”

Now don’t get me wrong the invasion is wrong and a mistake from Putin a mistake for which he will be judged.

But what is really at stake in here what are these sanctions really designed to do….

Folks question everything the media tells you only liesr like they lied about a certain virus….


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