Social Distancing and Seriouness of this Situation

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by -delt4ninj4

Since March 20th I’ve been self-isolating, I got laid off from my my job. It’s temporary and they expect me to come back.

However, during this whole time of self-isolating, I only go out for essentials, very irregularly (I.e one large grocery trip per month, or if I have to get laundry deterengent and produce).

When I go to stores though, something that never fails is the lack of social distancing that people use. It infuriates while I’m in the store and someone is standing at my back. I turned around and stared some guy down because him and his lady were rough housing directly behind me, as close as can be when there’s PLENTY of room. We’re outside in a line waiting to go in to Walmart, way more than enough room.

Same thing happened at Dollar Tree, they have tape on the floor to describe how far apart people need to be for social distancing. Older gentleman standing right at my back, and I can’t go forward anymore because I don’t want to be too close to the person in front of me, I want to respect their space.

Is anyone else experiencing situations like these, or perhaps even worse?


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