Social media and the mental health issues that come with it.

Sharing is Caring!

by Yozhur

Different social medias have certain things that cause you to lose your mental stability. They attack your mind without you even knowing and causes a lot of problems in the long run.


Instagram gives you a false sense of reality as you watch everyone post the highlights of their lives and filtering the truth. Your life will never be as fulfilling as the pictures in Instagram, because they’re fake and meant to make your life feel inferior compared to their lives.


In Snapchat everyone is sending pictures where they’re doing something amazing in their life while you on the other hand are sitting at home being lonely. As you get these pictures you’ll have to shape up and send a fake picture of you actually doing something cool as well, because if you sent something boring the discussion would end up short. You’re constantly pressured by others sending you pictures of themselves and forcing you to take good pictures of yourself when in reality you might not enjoy the way you look.

I could go on with other social medias as well, but i think you’ll understand the point at this stage.


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