Socialism – A Wolf in Sheep Clothing Is Knocking at the Door for the Last Time

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Many people in the international community have a rather confusing concept about socialism, thinking that socialism doesn’t sound too bad, as it seems to promote “social justice” and “equality.” In fact, socialism is very dangerous by nature, which is fundamentally detrimental to traditional culture and ethical values that are essential for the existence of mankind.

Socialist advocates can be very deceitful as they often disguise themselves and try to win votes “for the people.” They have again and again played the role of “Grandma Wolf” – Put on a headscarf, carry a basket, and knock on the door of the chicken coop: “Open the door, I am grandma and I have brought you delicious food.”

Socialists promote “public ownership,” “welfare society,” and the so-called “social justice,” covertly encouraging people to “live on welfare” instead of working for a living.

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One of the chilling commands Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto said that “the theory of communism can be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.”

Bill Muehlenberg, an America-born author, media commentator, and currently Secretary of the Family Council of Victoria in Australia, argued that, “social justice is not what you think it is,” and that, “In socialist countries, the only people who own high-value assets are the socialist rulers and their loyal cronies. Because there is little upward mobility under socialism, socialist societies are characterized by two economic levels: a small, immensely wealthy ruling elite at the top, and at the bottom, the low-income masses forced to obey the dictates of their socialist masters. A large and prosperous middle class like what we have in America does not exist in countries with a single-party socialist rule.”



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