Software Product Development

The process of software product development is generally the same, but there are some differences according to the company. Our main principles are based on quality, and we are ready to satisfy all the needs of our customers. Let us discuss the main stages in detail.

General Analysis and Preparation of Requirements

Requirements for the developed software products are determined at this stage. A joint project team is created, and managers are appointed, both from the custom software development company side and from the client’s side.

Also, a contract is concluded for a pre-project study, which ends with the creation of technical documentation. After completing the requirement analysis and approval of the technical documentation, the project team can move on to the next stage of development.

Product Engineering

At this stage, the design of the software product is coordinated based on the capabilities of the selected technological tools, and the options for the appearance of the user interface are coordinated.

The project team can prepare a prototype of the future product for approval of the general concept by the client. This allows the customer to preview the prototype of the future system and provide feedback at an early stage of development.

Development or Coding

After the product design phase, as soon as the development team receives the final requirement specification and design documentation, software developers can proceed directly to the creation of software. In addition to programming, developers also perform testing to identify potential problems as early as possible at this stage.

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At the same time, depending on the degree of software readiness, participation of all team members is possible to check the convenience of the user interface, the correctness of business logic, and the accuracy of integration with external subsystems.


After the software development stage, the team proceeds to full-fledged testing of this solution. The entire team is in a constant process of eliminating comments. Software developers themselves perform software testing together with the testing team and the customer’s project team. If the application no longer contains critical remarks, the implementation process takes place.

Product Deployment

Now, the process of implementation begins. This stage includes final testing, including load testing and determination of the date of transition to commercial operation. Software deployment usually involves setting up a production server on which the software will run. Such a server may be one of the company’s own servers.


This includes solving current problems, subsequent software upgrades, updates related to changes in versions of third-party software used, and updates due to various requirements of market regulators.

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