SOHRAB AMARI: Two losses for transatlantic twits: Brexit finally happens, impeachment collapses.

How much punishment must liberal elites on both sides of the Atlantic endure before they learn not to try to undo the will of voters? That such trickery only invites fiercer and more decisive popular backlashes?

This week, elites on both sides of the Atlantic had their knuckles rapped on ­exactly these points — yet again. The United Kingdom finalized its divorce, once and for all, from the European Union — despite three years of underhanded ­efforts from “Remoaners” determined to keep the marriage going.

On our side of the pond, meanwhile, the dreary, ­exhausting and pointless ­impeachment drive well and truly petered out.

Start with Britain and ­Europe. The European Parliament on Wednesday ratified the withdrawal agreement struck by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Brussels mandarins. Brexit is happening, finally — Friday at midnight Belgian time, to be exact.

“Brexit is a defeat, a rebellion against the concept that working together makes ­Europeans stronger,” German Marshall Fund fellow Rosa Balfour told the New York Times. As usual, the Gray Lady turned to a spokesman for the professional-managerial classes.

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They believe that global liberalism is destined to overcome nations, borders and other vestiges of the dark, unreasonable past. Thus, a vote for Brexit was a blow to the very concept of cooperation.

Of course, ordinary Europeans know that cooperation between nations doesn’t require a massive, unaccountable bureaucracy running a whole continent — a pseudo-Christendom without the beauty and soul of the real thing.

As Brexit pioneer Nigel Farage said in his swan-song speech to the European Parliament on his way out: “If we want trade, friendship, cooperation, reciprocity, we don’t need a European Commission, we don’t need a ­European court, we don’t need these institutions and all of this power.” He added: “We love Europe, we just hate the European Union.”


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