Solar Project Chugging Along (Plus the Array & 33′ Windmill). ’cause shit is getting costly’

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by StonedQuaker

Well, got 11 panels up on the coop. We used one in the winter missions for the pushmower-solar-powerpack.. Of course the HQST panels are up 26% from not to long ago, glad I only need one.

The pic of the tracking-array is what goes back-up this week. Had built it in the fall but then ran into zoning issues… libtards… but screw um, it’s going back up anyways as: If I go off-grid & not grid-tie (like before) I don’t need a permit, which means I don’t need a ground mount array zoned, which means the tax man can bite it…

The windmill (a HeAvY 5′ bastard on a 33′ tower) that once changed 300-500watt rather well being on a hill… last fall got a new sprocket & v-belt pulley ON THE END OF THE SHAFT!… so hope to get to it before winter. (noet, I was stoned and built it with the pulley between the bearings… which was fine till I had to put a belt on it…)

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Anyways, enjoy, maybe it helps another get ready

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If interested, here are pics of where the 12th panel went last winter, and a video (with audio) of the gas mower-generator (not my idea, had seen on the youtubes). These both went to the homeless camps in town (none of us like such camps but people gotta survive man)

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If you plan to build a gas mower generator, use an oldie with MANUAL CHOKE!!! We learned newer mower don’t start at 5 degrees*

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