SolarWinds is going to crash further on Monday – 6th day in a row

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by emmabananaz

Even more bad news came in for SolarWinds over the weekend, and SolarWinds is going to crash again on Monday. It’s the next FireEye, except the stock price is going downward.

Recap of what happened previously:
-SolarWinds stock crashed over the past 6 days non-stop.
-SolarWinds software was used to attack 18,000 very, very big name customers (you’ve already read the news). More and more bad news is coming in, and 18,000 is only what has been found in the initial investigation.
-Instead of doing something about the news, management may have traded on insider information and sold their stock. Oh, and their CEO “just happened to leave” too.
-Lots of incompetence shown throughout. For example, using password of “solarwinds123” for their critical server.

Every day some people thought it was the dip and they could buy it. Nope, it will crash again this Monday.

Let’s take a look at what’s new over the weekend:
-SolarWinds is freaking out every government agency in the world, including in the US.
-SolarWinds is freaking out every financial institution because they got hacked too
-SolarWinds is freaking out basically every large organization in the world
-A large bulk of SolarWinds revenue comes from the US government. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) asked every government agency in the US to remove this bad SolarWinds software. This might become legally binding so that they can make a scapegoat out of SolarWinds.
-The management has basically said nothing on this, even days after this was reported.
-US politicians are calling the SolarWinds attack an act of war. If you want to know the last time this happened…well, never.
-Nobody has a freaking clue of what’s the extent of this as every day there are more and more findings every hour.
-To let you understand the scale of this, every single cyber security organization is working on this because their customers got hacked. Every single government in the world is checking to see what secrets have been stolen. Every single news agency is rushing to report this, and likely already did. Every single large organization (you know someone) is working on checking this and figuring out how to remove SolarWinds software from their organization.
-SolarWinds is going to get sued to the ground by their customers and partners, not only for this hack but for their non-response. Oh and their customers are going to say goodbye too.
-Think some customers and partners will stick with SolarWinds? Maybe. But they can’t, because Microsoft (which controls your computer) is forcing the removal of SolarWinds software regardless.

-How bad is the SolarWinds hack? It’s been called the “Hack of The Decade”. The bad news ain’t going away after one week.

You want to see how bad this is?

-Every government (and organization) is freaked out
—US Government,
—Canadian Government,
—UK and European Government,
—New Zealand Government,
—And more unreported and I didn’t bother searching

-Every single cyber security organization is working on this, which means their customers or they are affected
—Palo Alto Networks
—Carbon Black
—And more unreported and I didn’t bother searching

Oh, did I forget to mention there was literally double the trouble over the weekend?

What’s the best way I can profit from this?



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