Some Amazon listings are rampant with fake reviews

by jacob2815


This probably won’t come as a surprise to many, but I found it kinda funny how blatantly obvious it is.

I was looking for some cheap bluetooth earbuds. Came across this pair that had great reviews. Five star average reviews with over 200! I noticed that literally every review of the 200 was 5-stars. That was my first red flag.

I opened em up to see what people were saying. First one was fine, but i started to notice a trend. Every review was a long-ish paragraph and had strong grammar. To top it all off, they’re all from the same day: Sunday, January 6th. I sorted and not a single one was from a verified purchaser.

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Okay, weird. A lot of the reviews came from “Amazon Customer.” At first, I thought that was just the generic way to anonymously review an item, but you can click the reviewer’s name and it brings up a profile and you can see all the reviews that reviewer has posted.

I clicked on three: onetwo, and three.

All three of those have over 140 reviews… all in the past two days: Jan 6 and 7. All for a variety of items, too.

From masks, to headphones, to back braces, to dash cams, to antennas. A little odd that a single person is buying that many things in a two day span and reviewing them, right?

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Well, it gets worse. All three of these users posted reviews on the exact same listings, but with different subjects and bodies. On some of the listings, they posted multiple reviews. They all posted 4-5 reviews on the kids headphones. 14 total reviews on those headphones from only three users. All on the same day.

Don’t really know what can or needs to be done about this by anyone, just thought it was interesting and wanted to share.

I guess the moral of the story is to go through the effort of checking the reviews on things before buying.



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