Some Hopium This Week

by Chris Black

Forget about stonks and crypto for a second.

If a government can weaponize the common cold lock up its citizens, it can do anything it wants.

Your freedom is gone.

The zombie apocalypse is not undead creatures roaming the streets eating people. It is broken brainless masked idiots roaming through stores.

Even though they don’t have to wear masks, and anyone with a brain can find the overwhelming evidence that they do nothing, around 90% of people in my area are still wearing them, because, the picture box says so.

They don’t walk around mumbling “brains”. They mumble, “Masks, you must wear your mask, hychhhh.” It is the most sickening display of unwarranted conformity. All to turn those who resist into a brainless mask zombie.

The mask is a symbol that you bent your knee and bowed to the enslaver. Your vax was your cult initiation. Your vax card is your badge. As an official Covidian, you are taught to hate anyone that will not submit, and they are your enemy.

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Those who do not join, wish to harm your cult leader. You must stop them.

It is just a mask, it isn’t a big deal.

It is just a simple shot, it will set you free.

It is just a mandate, a small compromise.

It is just a fine and exclusion from social interaction.

It is just separation for your own good.

It is just an internment camp to protect society.


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