Kyiv Began to Distribute Instructions in Case of War

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by Chris Black

The authorities of Ukraine began to send booklets with guidance to residents of the country in case of a war.  Thus, according to the Ukrainian edition of, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy distributed instructions on how to act in case of emergency and war to functioning enterprises in Kiev.

The entire manual consists of 14 pages.  On the very first page, the authors state that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are able to protect the people of Ukraine and “effectively deter the aggressor.”  At the same time, the Ukrainians were given dozens of tips on how to act at the outbreak of hostilities.

In particular, residents of the “square” were advised to equip their homes in advance and find out the location of the nearest shelter, stock up on water and medicines, collect things, documents, prepare private vehicles for evacuation, and also consider possible alternative sources of light and heat in case of a power outage and central  heating.

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In addition, the document details how to assemble the “alarm suitcase”, as well as instructions in case hostilities begin in the country.  In particular, the brochure provides advice in case of shelling from small arms, artillery and multiple launch rocket systems, as well as the procedure for declaring a general alarm.


The program in case of war was developed back in June last year by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security together with the State Emergency Service, the Ministry of Defense and the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

The Pentagon announced the start on January 24 of the naval exercises “Neptune Strike – 2022” in the Mediterranean Sea with the involvement of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman.

Note that a group of ships of the Russian Navy is also going to the Mediterranean for exercises.

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