Some investment advice from an autist

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by CptTonyStark

I see so many people here losing their life savings at a critical point in their lives so I’ll repeat my investment philosophy that has allowed me to be 270% up YTD, and I’ve already taken out my initial investment and 75% of my profits:

  1. I always ask myself, if I had the option’s value in cash, would I still buy the option? If the answer is yes, I hold even tho I’m up 1700%. If no, I sell even at -95%.
  2. Stop losses could help too. Always be within your personal risk tolerance.
  3. Only buy options u believe in, think for yourself, write down why you’re buying an option and question your assumptions frequently.
  4. Always listen to valid arguments from people who oppose your positions.
  5. Have an acceptable risk profile and never jack yourself to the tits, always keep some cash so you can DCA your options.
  6. Look at the greeks carefully and buy options with low IV, low theta, high delta and acceptable gamma.
  7. Realize that weeklies and holding through earnings is pure gambling and treat them as such.
  8. Always hedge a little bit, if you’re bullish just a few VXX calls and cash will be enough to bounce back if the market doesn’t go your way.
  9. Have <10 positions open at any time so you can track them easily and close them quickly if need be.



Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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