Some real DD from Wuhan and India on the virus

by BenjaminGunn

I happen to be in a position to have either first or second-hand knowledge of people in both locations.

First Wuhan.

My neighbor is a Chinese national over on an education Visa. His wife’s father is a primary care doctor in Wuhan. They take the virus VERY seriously. They are foodies but never eat out now. They let their packages sit for 2-3 days before bringing them in side. They wears masks to walk their dogs in the suburbs. It’s partly because of talking to them that I went all cash in January to better ride out the storm.

So why do they take it so seriously? Because Wuhan go real bad. Like bad in a way I’m not sure we’re really ready to talk about yet. You remember the photos of mass graves? The hospitals they put up in literally days? They locked whole cities up. And they locked people up. In their homes.

Like this:

And sometimes welded the doors shut like this:

My neighbor said that many of the quarantined didn’t make it – they were pulling the dead out of apartments for weeks. Often they found people’s children still alive but sadly orphaned.

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But what about India?

Well they took it much more seriously than we did and that was enforced by the law. So it was a nation-wide lock down mandated by law where travel was heavily restricted.

You can read about it here if you like:


So let’s put it together… COVID-19 is not fake news and it’s lethality is obviously higher than the average flu (we passed that a long time ago). The U.S. did nothing comparable in terms of lockdown to China or India or any of these other countries that are successfully reopening now. We can see that in the numbers where we have more cases than any other country despite having like 5% of the world’s population. And now we are unsurprisingly starting to see a resurgence.


This isn’t a second wave folks… this is still the first wave and our half-assed, yee-haw lockdown didn’t do much good.


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