Some reasons the MSM constantly gets caught showing bullshit and shouldn’t be trusted

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by FringeCenterPodcast


These are some of the reasons you shouldn’t trust them but obviously not all the reasons they suck and shouldn’t be trusted.

1) The Internet – after online news started coming out as free, big media companies that used to get paid subscriptions couldn’t afford to fund big investigative journalism reports anymore so they increasingly started a descent toward the lowest common denominator which is pretty much just parroting each others stories.

2) Social Media + Citizen Journalism – we all see this one more than anything now. Twitter, Reddit, and other social media move faster than the scripted narratives on MSM. So they used to just keep trying to do their thing in the past covering long broad stories as they collected the facts. But nobodies on the internet were making tons of money so they resorted to just reporting what they see trending on social media and try to keep pace with random people with cameras.

3) Clickbait – as a mix of the internet explosion and the social media stuff, they realize most people have been brainwashed into a seconds long attention span (partly their own doing) and so they resort to crazy headlines with nothing in there to back it up or an overdramatization of the actual content

4) Advertisers Control the Narrative – as in any enterprise or business that depends on people investing large amounts of money, they are beholden to their advertisers. The advertisers pay for the channels to exist or to keep existing. Without that money rolling in, they shut down. So whatever narrative those advertisers want is what we see. Unless a story has reached critical mass and absolutely has to be reported, it will not be reported. This is why we only hear about protests and shit when it’s all over social media and has to be discussed and then it’s discussed with massive spin. How often have you seen the Yellow Vest Protests on TV? How long did the Hong Kong shit go on until it had to be reported?

5) Mockingbird – like we all know, the media is the fourth branch of government lol. It would actually be nonsensical for any government to not try and control the views of it’s people, even though it’s completely unethical and fucked up. From a strategic point of view if you were trying to control hundreds of millions of people things like politics and religion would have to be controlled.

what are some of the ones I missed?




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