Someone designs a bunch of experiments to debunk 911 official story.

Someone designs a bunch of experiments to debunk the 911 official story & shows why more material falling downward into other floors DOES NOT make the whole mass speed up & fall faster without a ton of help.

I think it’s important for official story believers who have never taken a physics class to see why in a simple easy to understand way.

I suggest people may want to find a method to download and save this video to their desktop or redistribute via torrents any videos that are important to debunking the official story & bring the correct criminals to justice eventually.

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Google/Youtube is top loading ‘official 911 story’ videos to the top of results & burying/deleting good quality debunking videos these days making them impossible to find via bookmarks or Google search.

If the truth is important to you please at least save for historical purposes these people’s hard work to shed light on to the tragic events of that day so these psychopaths will think twice before trying anything again.

h/t monkeyfear


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