Someone finally connects the dots between market disruption & economics of disaster as Treasury Secretary is working with Pelosi on a pandemic bill for free testing, required sick pay & etc.

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by rhetorical_twix

Maybe movement from leadership on some of these concerns will help with personal panic that might be showing up in the markets and might provide some relief to investors. The fact that it’s the Treasury Secretary working with Pelosi demonstrates that they do connect what’s happening in the market to some need for action on pandemic issues.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that she and the Trump administration are close to agreement on a coronavirus aid package to reassure anxious Americans by providing sick pay, free testing and other resources, hoping to calm teetering financial markets amid the mounting crisis.”

While this doesn’t actually solve the problems of the economic toll that comes from relying on social distancing and self-isolation as a pandemic response instead of vigorous tracking, treatment and containment, it’s at least something concrete that addresses some of the concerns of workers and their families.


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