Something Big is Coming That Will Help the Crypto Industry

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By Harry Dent

In March, I was the keynote speaker for the CoinAgenda Caribbean conference in my home town of San Juan, Puerto Rico. While there, Gregg Greenberg of SCN Corporate Connect sat me down for a brief interview.

He started off by asking what a guy like me was doing at a conference like that. My answer was that, by my model, the internet has grown about as much as it can in its current form and it’s now running up against so many security problems that it’s becoming burdensome to keep up with passwords and security questions for logins.

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Blockchain can solve that and has many more applications for making transactions cheaper, faster and more secure.

And it was primarily my interest in the blockchain stuff that drove me to speak at the conference.

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But, as I told Gregg, there’s something else, something that’s coming much sooner, that’s going to help this industry, and also shake out the companies that don’t have the real blockchain solutions.

Listen to the interview now to find out what that something is…


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