Something Broke In the Economy After the Financial Crisis! Banks Are In PANIC MODE!

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What do you think the TRIGGER EVENT will be for the next financial crisis? Or perhaps you may believe stocks will never decline ever again?

When you look at the U.S. economy you see a mirage. It looks so real. People are driving around, filling their cars with gas, going to restaurants, buying new things. It makes you think it’s real. But when you get closer, you realize what you saw was simply not what you thought.  It wasn’t the truth.


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U.S. Debt Load Seen Worse Than Italy’s by 2023, IMF Predicts – Bloomberg

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fitch subprime index.jpg (705×386)

Inflation-Lag-Chart.png (1650×1275)

HFRX 4.20.jpg (667×331)


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