Around 1:20 the CNN footage of interest starts.

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Five Glaring Inconsistencies in the Vegas Shooting

that Need to be Addressed

By  Matt Agorist  October 3, 2017

There is a fine line to walk, however, between questioning everything and automatically assuming everything is a government conspiracy or false flag. …
Every time an event happens it is important to keep an open mind, look for inconsistencies, try to find contradictions or impossibilities made to look possible, and always avoid jumping to conclusions.

1. Stephen Paddock did not fit the bill for a mass murderer.

This is perhaps the most glaring of all the inconsistencies as most of the recent psychopath mass murderers in recent history made moves prior to killing that were consistent with being a psychopathic killer. Paddock did not. Most odd was the fact that Paddock was rich. He was an accountant, lived in a half million dollar home in a retirement community and had no criminal record.
Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock was equally stunned to hear about what his brother had done as he had just talked to him. “We’re still just completely befuddled. Dumbstruck,” he said.   He described his brother as having “no history of violence. No history of anything couldn’t give a s*** less about politics, religion, pointy hatted people etc, etc. He just wanted to get a freaking royal flush.”
Eric said he had last talked to his brother when he called down to Florida to see how his mother was making out after losing power from hurricane Irma. How many mass murderers call to check on their mother before going on to slaughter dozens of innocent people?

2. Paddock was still playing with his girlfriend’s casino card trying to rack up points the night of the shooting.

Eric Paddock said how his brother “loved to gamble. He loved — when I say loved — it was a job. It was fun because people were nice to him.”   Paddock was a regular in Vegas. He’d even been captured on surveillance footage in the Cosmopolitan Casino in 2011 in which he was seen falling. He later tried to sue the hotel for getting hurt and even then everyone remained cordial and nice to him.
Prior to the shooting, Paddock had been at the Mandalay Bay casino for four days and had not done anything out of the ordinary to garner the attention of hotel security.   He had simply been gambling. While it is possible that he was simply blending in to maintain his cover and wait for the moment to strike, the fact that he used his girlfriend’s slot machine card seems completely out of the ordinary.
For those that don’t know, slot cards or gambling cards are ways casinos track loyal customers. When you rack up enough points, they will comp a room or a meal for you. Paddock was playing with this card—essentially planning for future comps—on the very night he opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 people.
Blending in is one thing, but racking up points to plan for future benefits on the night you are going to commit mass murder seems glaringly inconsistent.

3. Surveillance footage of Paddock inside the hotel has yet to be released.

In most mass shootings, within 24-hours, we usually see at least a still image of the perpetrator as captured by the building’s surveillance cameras. In Paddock’s case, as of the time this article was published, none of this footage has been released.
Why not release at least a single shot of Paddock walking into the hotel lobby?

4. Neither room service, house cleaning, surveillance footage, nor security saw him bring hundreds of pounds of guns and ammo into the room.

Original reports noted that Paddock had somewhere around ten firearms in his hotel room after it was breached by SWAT. However, reports as of Tuesday morning now say authorities recovered a whopping 23 weapons.
Police noted that only one of these weapons was a handgun, meaning that 22 of them were long-form rifles or shotguns.
Just to put the sheer logistics of bringing in these guns into perspective, here is an image of 23 rifles. [Though NOT the guns Paddock had, just a collection of 23 guns.]

This image shows just the guns, not the hundreds of rounds of ammo to fill them. [I would estimate more like 2,000+ rounds of ammo based on the number of people hit.]
He had brought “in excess of 10” suitcases to the suite over several days, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. Yet no one thought this to be suspicious?  Housekeepers said they “saw no signs of anything” suspicious, Nevada Rep. Dina Titus told CNN.
Paddock had a “pretty well hidden” arsenalshe said.  Authorities believe Paddock brought the weapons into the hotel by himself but did not provide specifics.

5. If Paddock acted alone, who was this mystery woman who warned everyone they were going to die 45 minutes before the shooting?

Caught on video after the shooting was an eyewitness report given to a local NBC affiliate in which a woman was described to have warned of the attack. The eyewitness claims to have seen a woman push her way to the first row of the concert roughly 45 minutes before the shooting began and levy threats indicating that everyone would soon be dead.
“So there was a lady who pushed her way forward into the first row and she started messing with another lady. She told us we were all going to die tonight – it was about forty-five minutes before the shots were fired,” the witness states.


37 thoughts on “SOMETHING ISN'T ADDING UP!”

      • Multinational corporations, establishment politicians, Obama/Clinton holdovers, all spy agencies. Folk Trump is threating Inc. The military industrial complex will lose trillions of dollars if Trump and the people have their/our way. Obama care is a cash cow, and the tax reform that Trump really wants will take more money out of Washington. Paddock was a patsy. Think “Grassy Noll”. This all stinks of CIA/NSA… We are in the second US civil war…

    • The light in the 4th floor window is from a strobe light, confirmed. That at least answers one of the many questions, but I agree there are
      many more..

      • Agreed and there may be a few other questions that can be explained but the remaining ones that haven’t or can’t be explained are significant and insignificant with the way the MSM and police are treating this.

  1. I am not a casino aficionado as I’ve only been to one or two. However, I don’t see the correlation between the “girlfriend’s slot machine card” and the comment about, “but racking up points to plan for future benefits on the night you are going to commit mass murder seems glaringly inconsistent.”
    The points would be for HER to use, no ???

    • I’ve brought it up before but you don’t see it too often. Any one person can only shoot one weapon at a time. Lets say he was worried about a weapon overheating or malfunctioning in some way, then he could bring 3 or 4 at best. The rest are UNNECESSARY except for one reason and one reason only. To help provide justification for more gun control. We are having a regular succession of either false flags or Muslims committing mass murders both of which are used to justify gun control. Basically it doesn’t matter who does it, they will all be used for the same purpose.
      Apparently the gun control agenda is being moved forward. They want us disarmed in the near future. They probably feel that not enough progress is being made on this topic.

      • Yes, the more terrifying with lots of evil guns the better to push their agenda.
        I’m not saying they won’t try, but last I heard with the estimated 300 million in the US alone? Good grief, they better bring in an army… “Cold, dead hands and all.”

        • You can easily see how they are managing it. By legislation. Take CA for example. They have very successfully made a HUGE number of weapons illegal. Of course the effect is that they just leave the state and go to a more conservative state. HOWEVER, the people in CA are becoming less and less able to defend themselves against the feral masses.
          The agenda is to keep on buying republicans converting them to RINOs and gradually have critical voting mass to make guns illegal in more and more places, like the states that have more recently become absurdly progressive, like WA, OR. Witness the trend and extrapolate. They will NEVER try a bold gun grab. They will just chip at it, peck, peck peck like a sculptor carving a statue and when he’s done, the results are Australia, France, the UK. Its all been done before, we just happen to be a bit more resistant.

          • Yes, I’m sure that you’re correct. Over time, that is all that they need. I just hope that my family will be able to inherit what I have, and not the local ATF.

  2. The light in the 4th floor window is from a strobe light, confirmed. That at least answers one of the many questions, but I agree there are many more.

    • Confirmed by you maybe. What I saw with my eyes says, not so fast. It stops it starts. It starts again. Why would a strobe light be coming out of a hotel room, and coincidentally be caught on police band as possible second shooter? You could quite possibly be connected with the group that planned this!

  3. Best theory I’ve seen online so far(posted by an alleged member of the LVMPD): Allegedly Stephen Paddock was an undercover FBI agent who was involved in numerous illegal arms sales in Las Vegas. These included sales to ISIS members in the US. This FBI program was similar to Fast and Furious. They do this to keep tabs on terrorists and track supply networks. Paddock was at the Mandalay on what he thought was a routine arms transfer. But ISIS uncovered Paddock’s identity and killed him, then carried out the massacre. Would explain 1) number of weapons (you don’t just sell one), 2) how he got them into hotel without being observed (FBI helped), 3) cameras inside and outside the hotel suite (for FBI surveillance), 4) warning from strange woman on concert floor (Koran requires warnings), 5) multiple shooters (ISIS), 6) number of homes and places lived by Paddock (27, for safety precaution), 7) gambling habit to launder money.

    • This does not explain the why the transfer would happen high up in a hotel, with millions of empty acres around Vegas being the better place for a handoff. Certainly the presence of squirrel guns there is bizarre.. It also does not explain the strategic location of the room, looking down on a captive audience of predictably traditional Americans. He may have been a patsy, but this was not spur of the moment.

      • What if the buyer set the meet time and place after finding out Paddock was a fed, to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ (no disrespect to the victims meant)? Sheriff said the cameras in the room weren’t turned on. Would make more sense that the buyer in this case would have turned them off, rather than Paddock installing them and then not using them.

    • Man, I hate to admit this seems the more likely, especially the “deal-gone-bad” angle which has Paddock dead before it all goes down. The “Lone Wolf” narrative could turn out to be this attack’s version of the “mean video” narrative re: Benghazi. I sure hope not. The videos capturing the sound of live fire a LOT closer to the ground than 32 floors are definitely intriguing.
      What a nightmare.

    • Sealed and presumably set to trigger an alarm the moment they’re broken. This is a casino and a hotel, I can’t imagine a place with more video and security. Like a bank.

  4. Conspiracy or not, hotels and buildings will/ are installing metal detectors and or X-ray machines. In the end it negates lawful conceal carry if you won’t be able to enter a space with a gun, even if it is packed in a suitcase. They have to keep the sheep in line.

  5. los vegas is the home of the largest gun show on earth as well as many smaller ones in the surrounding areas. dealers ROUTINELY keep their inventory in their hotel rooms.


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