Something strange going on…not good for World GDP in 2022!

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Markets Are Pricing Rising Volatility For 2022; Goldman Warns Of Increasingly Macro-Led Moves

Tomorrow is VIX expiration, and, as SpotGamma notes, we head into that expiration with an elevated VIX structure. If you compare today’s VIX term structure to that of mid-November you can see current levels (black) remain well above Nov(blue).

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Food Companies Are Having Trouble Keeping Up With Inflation: WSJ

Rising costs for everyday foods like bacon and fruit have raised concerns about inflation. Here’s why you may be paying more for breakfast, and what that says about where prices might be heading in the future.

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The Great Fed Crack-Up Begins

There is a distinct possibility the Federal Reserve is about to hit a wall, and that its very constitutional underpinnings will soon come into question.

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