Something Unexplainable is Going On – Events 2018

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So, it seems that this year is interesting in many aspects, so i m going to make a thread where we can post and discuss the strange events, interesting artictes etc from around the world.

Could the war talk be a distraction from something bigger that is happening right now?

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Jupiter And Venus Are Warping Earth’s Orbit, And It’s Linked to Major Climate Events
We are caught in a loop.

Scientists have confirmed a longstanding hypothesis that Earth’s orbit is warped by the gravitational pull of Jupiter and Venus in an epic cycle that repeats regularly every 405,000 years.

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For decades researchers have studied this phenomenon – an example of what’s called a Milankovitch cycle – which makes our virtually circular orbit around the Sun shift to one that’s about 5 percent elliptical, before resuming its circular trajectory.

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