Something VERY WICKED Is Happening In Arkansas!


On the afternoon of Thurs, Aug. 16th, 2018, dozens attended a rally held by the Satanic Temple at the Arkansas State Capitol, Little Rock. This rally came shortly after the Arkansas legislature approved the placement of a Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds. And during the rally, a more than 8-feet-tall Baphomet statue was unveiled.

Interestingly enough, The Ten Commandments monument that was installed quietly in 2017 was then run over by someone who drove their car into the monument, less than 24 hours after installation — smashing it into pieces. The same one also destroyed a Ten Commandments monument outside of Oklahoma’s State Capitol. About 150 people total attended the rally, which had a substantial police presence.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there was also the Satanic statue that was unveiled in Detroit back in the summer of 2015, along with the nation’s first ever “satanic ceremony” performed in Lansing, Michigan: December 2015.

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But is this a surprise or a coincidence, considering how this rally and the unveiling of this statue also coincided with the supposed “death” of Aretha Franklin, who is said to be the “Queen of Soul?” Franklin reportedly died at the age of 76, and is noted for gospel-rooted songs and bluesy rhythm.

Could all this be another Illuminati ritual and sign, letting us know that America, along with the world, have COMPLETELY turned their backs on the “Gospel,” and are now blatantly awaiting their New World Order, One World Government?

Could the unveiling of this satanic statue also be another step closer to the unveiling of the false messiah and even more end-time deceptions to come?


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