Sometimes the Little Guy Can Shut Down Government

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by Martin Armstrong

We are standing silent when the unelected and unaccountable elites wage war to change society and how we should live. This is an all-out war against not just the American people but the entire world. They have taken control of our pretend representatives who have converted our free societies into tyranny.

This picture from Australia sums up the tyranny we face worldwide. The police, in most cases, is the power of this tyranny. As long as they protect these unelected and unaccountable elites who are destroying our society, then the only resolution will be for people to start to attack the police with weapons. Hopefully, it will not take a massacre of police to make them see they are on the wrong side of this battle, as it has so many times in history.

Bloodless revolutions are possible. In 1991, Yeltsin stood on a tank and asked the military not to fire on their own people and they stood down. But it often takes a person of stature to stand up rather than just some anonymous person the police will be glad to kill out of frustration.

These people want to end the world as we know it and “Build Back Better,” but we are not allowed to see the plan nor vote on it. That is absolute tyranny, and they think this is the Middle Ages and they are our feudal overlords. Then they also think we are an infestation like rats on a ship that need to be exterminated because there are too many of us on the planet. They meet in secret, and nobody will ever admit what was said there or their plan of action.

It may seem that the end is here. But they are losing this battle, for resistance is rising every day. What they have misjudged is history. True, they look at how the little people were herded into submission, and the elites were able to sustain serfdom through laws that restricted movement. In Russia, only one serf was allowed to leave the property once a year, and his family remained. Never were two serfs ever allowed to leave to go do something together. That was a death sentence. To suppress any uprising, they have always imposed restrictions on movement. That is what is taking place with these COVID passports.

Biden has eliminated more than 200 years of tradition that said, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Instead, we have, “Give us only your vaccinated sheep who are compliant and will do whatever the state tells them.” The problem is, an unvaccinated American may be forced to be vaccinated on arrival or turn around and leave. This is creating confusion for sure. But this does not apply to all places. Unvaccinated people crossing the border from Mexico are welcome no matter what disease they have provided they vote Democrat. Only the educated from Europe are allowed to come directly from Europe if you surrendered to your own government. This has many flying to South America, stay there for two weeks, and entering the United States for at least six months where they can still “breathe freely!” (disclaimer: restrictions apply in the North and California, and freedom is void whenever a local politician decides).

Throughout history, there are plenty of times when the little guy stood up and won, and all they had was word of mouth. Today, the world is watching the uprising on a global scale. It is not going to be so easy to suppress all us peasants as they have always done throughout history.

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Towards the end of the reign of Gaius Caligula (37-41 AD), a proclamation was sent out for a statue of the Roman emperor to be built within the Temple walls in Jerusalem. This command broke the Jewish law of idolatry, which led to a major peasant uprising. A general in Syria, Petronius, was sent along with two legions of soldiers to complete the task. Never had Rome violated the religion of any land it conquered.

A time after Petronius’ arrival in the port city of Ptolemais, he was met by tens of thousands of Jews. They staged a massive protest refusing to work. They brought the government to a halt. Farmers completely abandoned planting fresh crops in spring, which threatened the starvation of even the Roman army. The Jewish historian Josephus tells us that Petronius was also influenced by Aristobulus (king Herod Agrippa’s brother), and Petronius eventually wrote to Gaius Caligula of his inability to erect the statue and his willingness to face the consequences which could have been execution given the insanity of Caligula.

Fortunately, Gaius Caligula’s death early in the next year allowed Petronius to escape punishment, and the emperor’s order was thus nullified. Nevertheless, the common people brought even the Roman Empire to its knees when they were motivated.

Our time is coming, for even the fool is starting to look through all the lies. If everyone is vaccinated and they still can get and spread COVID, then why are the unvaccinated a danger to the vaccinated? None of this makes sense anymore, for they are caught in an endless web of lies. The end of this tyranny will start to emerge.


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