Soros and Clinton Connections of Extreme Neocon Globalist Fascist Fiona Hill who committed Perjury at the Ukrainegate Impeachment Hearings the other day

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by Ian56

Fiona Hill committed perjury by deliberately lying under oath to Congress that there was no Ukraine interference in the 2016 election, when this is a documented fact with multiple sources and witnesses.

She should be immediately prosecuted for perjury and sentenced to the maximum sentence of 5 years in jail.

She should also be prosecuted for failing to uphold her Oath of Office to protect the U.S. from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, of which she is undoubtedly one along with all of her close associates.
Bribery by Foreign Despots such as the Saudis would certainly come under “working for a Foreign Power”.
And so would working on behalf of international banking cartels.

Ideally she should be prosecuted for Treason and spend the rest of her life in jail, but this would be harder to prove.
I am sure lots of other crimes could be found to keep her in jail for a VERY long time if a suitable patriotic and honest investigator and prosecutor, working in the interests of ordinary Americans were to be found to pursue the cases against her.

Ukraine Interference in the 2016 election for the benefit of Hillary Clinton

DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa went to Ukraine’s Embassy in Washington DC in early 2016 asking them to find dirt on Paul Manafort and Trump.

Poroshenko’s regime in Ukraine complied with the request and sent whatever information they could find. These included the payments made to Manafort by the previous President Yanukovych for Manafort’s lobbying work to improve Ukraine’s relations with the EU between circa 2006 and February 2014. (Both the Podesta’s also worked on this same lobbying contract to improve EU relations, but for some reason this hasn’t been widely reported!)

This information resulted in the firing of Paul Manafort soon after the Republican Convention in 2016.

This has been confirmed by multiple members of Poroshenko’s regime, Ukraine MPs and other witnesses, and was fairly widely reported in the mainstream media in late 2016 and 2017.

Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire.
Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton.

George Soros also played a significant role in financing Obama and Neocon Victoria Nuland’s February 2014 Coup D’Etat in Ukraine which used Nazi thugs and snipers to murder both protesters and police.
Victoria Nuland is the wife of extreme Neocon Robert Kagan who co-found PNAC to push the Neocon agenda with Bill Kristol in 1997.

Neocon Nuland’s Coup in Ukraine installed a far right regime in Kiev which was designed to start a civil war against the more pro Russian east of Ukraine, wreck Ukraine’s economy, further impoverish already poor Ukrainians and destabilize Europe.
It was also designed to loot Ukraine’s remaining assets by U.S. multinationals and embezzle billions of dollars of IMF loans – see Joe and Hunter Biden corruption.
Ukrainian Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk had previously bribed the Clintons with $10m to engineer Regime Change in Ukraine.

The Pinchuk-Clinton Connection and the Coup in Ukraine

Fiona Hill is an extreme Neocon Globalist Fascist, an enemy of Freedom and Democracy and all decent and honest Americans, and everyone else on the entire planet.

Fiona Hill worked for 6 years (2001-2006) at George Soros’ anti Democracy “Open Society” which seeks to impoverish and enslave the 99%, and set up an authoritarian one world government ruled by a cabal of Oligarchs and Corporate CEOs.

Soros link found to Democrats’ latest impeachment witness

Fiona Hill is a George Soros Mole

Fiona Hill is a member of the CFR.
The Council on Foreign Relations is the main “Think Tank” and Lobbying Group for Globalism.
It is funded by Oligarchs, the Big Banks, major multinationals and other major Corporations to pursue Corporatist policies which are directly against the interests of all ordinary people.
As above it seeks to impoverish and enslave the 99% and set up an authoritarian anti democracy one world government (the “New World Order”).
George Soros is a senior member of the CFR.

Fiona Hill was hired by Neocon Globalist and George Soros puppet, General H.R McMaster as his top adviser on March 3, 2017. Hill was appointed as a Deputy Assistant to President Trump and his Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs.

Anti America, Neocon Fascist PNAC co-founder, Bill Kristol thoroughly approved of Neocon Fascist General McMaster’s appointment as NSA, to replace General Michael Flynn.

Who the hell was making all these Treasonous Globalist appointments within the Trump admin?
Pretty much Trump’s first appointment was extreme Neocon Globalist Fascist, religious extremist and enemy of all decent and honest Americans Mike Pompeo.
Totally corrupt Neocon Globalist Corporatist, chair of the RNC, and America’s enemy, Reince Priebus was appointed as Trump’s Chief of Staff soon after.
Loads of treasonous extreme Neocon / Neoliberal Globalists followed soon after.

Fiona Hill’s previous jobs include:

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2009-2017 Brookings Institute.
The Brookings Institute is an extreme Neoliberal Globalist Fascist organisation, funded by major Corporations, Oligarchs and Foreign Despots to push for Globalism and more war.
Brookings was headed up by Strobe Talbott between 2002 and October 2017.

Strobe Talbott is an extreme Neoliberal Globalist, anti democracy, Fascist and long term (since 1968) Clinton crony.
Strobe Talbott was Bill Clinton’s room mate at Oxford where they were both Rhodes Scholars.
The Rhodes Scholarships, set up in Globalist Oligarch Cecil Rhodes’ will, are grooming grounds for future Technocrats to pursue the Globalist agenda of anti democracy, authoritarian one world government.

List of Rhodes Scholars

Strobe Talbott was Bill Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State from 1994 to 2001.
He was favorite to be Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State if she had been “elected” in 2016.

Q: Who the hell appoints ANYONE who has worked for George Soros and the Brookings Institute for years?
A: NOBODY who has the best interests of America or ordinary Americans at heart.

The appointments of extreme Globalist Soros puppets, H.R. McMaster and Fiona Hill were both Treason by whoever promoted or approved them within the Trump admin.

2006-2009 National Intelligence Council for the War Criminal, totally Corrupt and Treasonous Bush Regime.
NOBODY who was pro America would even consider working for the criminal Neocon Fascist Bush regime who worked directly against America’s best interests.

Q: Why would anyone in the so called “Conservative” admin of GW Bush even think of hiring someone who had just spent 6 years working for Conservatives’ (and everybody else’s) worst enemy, George Soros?

A: Neocons and Neoliberals are all working together for the Corporate Oligarchy to enslave the people.
There is very little difference between Neocons and Neoliberals, except for social policies which don’t affect Corporate profits that are used as a smokescreen and “Divide and Conquer” Strategy to hide the fact there’s no significant differences between Establishment GOP and Dems, Neocons and Neoliberals.
The Neocons and Neoliberals are both anti democracy, anti freedom, Globalists.

1991-1999 “John F. Kennedy School of Government”.
Both the “JFK” school, and Harvard which hosts it, are extreme Neoliberal Globalist indoctrination centers, which aim to produce anti democracy technocrats working for Corporate and Oligarch interests, directly against America’s and ordinary Americans’ interests.
Lots and lots of extreme Globalists have come out of the Kennedy school.

See this Globalist lobbying paper campaigning against democracy, co-written by notorious Banking Gangster and Globalist Larry Summers.

Larry Summers, as Bill Clinton’s Treasury Sec helped to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, which directly led to wild speculative excess, the exponential increase of tens of trillions of dollars of Derivatives, and the massive growth of the Shadow Banking Industry for money laundering, tax evasion and avoidance of any and all financial rules and regulations by protected insiders.

The repeal of Glass-Steagall led directly to the massive financial excesses and speculative asset bubbles of the early 2000’s and the 2008 Financial Crash and worldwide depression.

Larry Summers & The Confidential Memo at the Heart of the Global Financial Crisis

1991 Harvard
Fiona Hill was “taught”, aka indoctrinated with, the Harvard Globalist view of “Russian History” by extreme Neocon, CFR member, Bilderberg attendee, “adviser” to Henry Scoop Jackson, and completely delusional “wrong on every count” Richard Pipes.

Extreme Neocon Fascist Daniel Pipes is the son of Richard Pipes.

I bet Harvard didn’t teach Fiona Hill that the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was funded by Wall Street and Berlin Bankers, or that Hitler was funded and supplied by American Banks, Major Corporations and Oligarchs like the Rockefellers.
They don’t teach any real history about anything at all, at Harvard.

The works of Stanford History Professor Antony Sutton

In a superficial sense what Fiona Hill said at the impeachment hearings, that she is “non-partisan”, was true. There is NO difference between Establishment GOP and Dems, Neocons and Neoliberals and she works for all of them.

In every meaningful sense she was totally lying.
She is on the side of the Oligarchs and major Corporations, for Corporatism and Globalism; and against the people, freedom, prosperity, and human rights.
Fiona Hill is the absolute enemy of every decent and honest human being on the entire planet.

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