Soros Launches Super PAC for 2020 – to give more than $20 Million dollars – International Political Collusion

Soros launches super PAC for 2020

Democratic megadonor George Soros is creating a super PAC, called Democracy PAC, to serve as a hub for his 2020 election spending.

Soros has so far put $5.1 million into the PAC, according to paperwork filed with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday. His $5.1 million contribution was the single biggest check any megadonor has cut so far during the 2020 election cycle.

Soros’ move to open the new PAC hints that the billionaire financier may be poised to spend heavily in the 2020 elections. The $5.1 million that Soros put in the PAC more than doubles the $2.1 million he had donated to political causes at this point in the 2016 elections. He would eventually give more than $20 million to Democratic politics during the 2016 race, making him one of the party’s biggest individual donors

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George Soros Expands Influence Over U.S. Politics

Billionaire financier George Soros is launching a super PAC ahead of the 2020 election and, at $5.1 million, he has already made the single biggest contribution so far this election cycle compared to any other megadonor.

He gives many many millions to dozens of them every year, all exclusively Progressive.

He gave 5 million to this one alone for the 2018 elections:

Nigel Farage exposes George Soros: The biggest international political collusion in history

European Parliament, Strasbourg, 14 November 2017

“Thank you. Well as Mr Moscovici said at the start of this, the leak of all these papers, the lists of people with offshore holdings has come about because of the Society of Investigative Journalists.

But what’s not been said this morning and I think is relevant is that the funding of these investigations came from one George Soros.”

Intervention – Phillip Lamberts Green MEP shouts out “So What!”.

Farage – “Now I say this at a time, I’m going to come back to ‘so what’ and it may have some personal interest for you as well, I say this at a time when the use of money and the influence it may have had on the Brexit result or the Trump election has reached a level of virtual hysteria.

Just last week the Electoral Commission in the UK launched an investigation to find out whether the Leave campaign took offshore money or Russian money. This came about as a result of questions asked in the House of Commons by one Ben Bradshaw somebody linked to an organisation called Open Society.

I just wonder, when we’re talking about offshore money, when we’re talking about political subversion, when we’re talking about collusion, I wonder whether we’re looking in the wrong place. And I say that because George Soros recently gave Open Society, his organisation, which of course campaigns for free movement of peoples and supports supra-national organisations like the European Union, he recently gave it 18 billion dollars. And his influence here and in Brussels is truly extraordinary. Open Society boast that they had 42 meetings last year with the European Commission, they have even published a book of reliable friends in the European Parliament and there are 226 names on that list including yours sir, I thought you’d find this interesting. We even had last week Mr Verhofstadt lobbying on behalf of Mr Soros at the Conference of Presidents in a battle that is going on with Viktor Orban the Prime Minister of Hungary.

If we are going to have a debate and we are going to talk about full political and financial transparency well let’s do it, so I shall be writing today to all 226 of you asking some pretty fair questions. Have you ever received funds, directly or indirectly, from Open Society? How many of their events have they attended? Could you please give us a list of the meetings of all their representatives including George Soros yourself? And I think this Parliament should now set up a special committee to look into all of this and I say that because I fear we could be looking at the biggest level of international collusion in history. “

The smoking gun linking George Soros to Mueller’s investigation just came to light

There seems to be no left-wing scheme George Soros isn’t involved in.

He funds countless left-wing causes – from Antifa to gun control groups – to the tune of billions.

Now, the smoking gun linking him to Mueller’s investigation just came to light, and it is shocking.

Mueller’s investigation is the biggest witch hunt in U.S. history.

For two years it was operating with little to no oversight, and, despite media ramblings, was not able to find a shred of evidence of collusion…

In 2017, the Soros-funded Democracy Integrity Project gave more than $3.8 million to Fusion GPS, the firm that compiled the anti-Trump dossier…

Firms Tied To Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele Were Paid $3.8 Million By Soros-Backed Group

-The Democracy Integrity Project, a nonprofit that receives funding from George Soros, paid firms tied to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele more than $3.8 million in 2017.

-Tax filings show that The Democracy Integrity Project provided its research to “government entities.”

-The group’s founder, a former staffer for Dianne Feinstein, has described it as a “shadow media organization” that helps the government.

Soros continues to be a major threat to our sovereignty and democracy and, leading up to our 2020 elections, he needs to be considered the #1 threat to our nation. His strategy is to divide and conquer – tactics he has implemented in other nations. This is exactly what he’s doing right now in the United States and he has deep pockets, deep connections, to implement his tactics. His end game is civil war – MSM are increasingly talking about “civil war” and reporting we are in a soft civil war.

Article from American Thinker:

August 8, 2019
Heading for civil war

The media coordinate this campaign and amplify the hate at every opportunity. Media twist every event, be it big or small, into a criticism of the president. The goal is always not just to present Trump in an unfavorable light, but to make him appear too loathsome for polite society. And Trump is not the sole target of this demonization. It is directed at his supporters, too.

George Soros is trying to cause another civil war

Things couldn’t be more on the brink in the United States as the old guard statists battle with the new guard populists for control over the federal government. Leading the charge against the People is none other than billionaire villain George Soros, who experts closely studying the situation say is trying to incite the next American Civil War as part of an order-out-of-chaos scenario currently in the making.

Some are calling it an American Spring — a last-ditch effort by the globalists to maintain control over the American people in order to continue their pursuit of a New World Order…

In his book Enemies Within, author Trevor Louden divulges how a manufactured civil war would create the conditions necessary for the globalists to be able to take down the United States and implement the global government that they’ve been working toward for decades. Sovereign nations like the U.S. have no place in this global order, and thus must be eradicated…

“Prior to the election of Trump, the globalists were in the final phase of extracting as much material wealth from the people of the United States before collapsing the system…Now the globalists must fight to get back what ground they have lost due to the election of Trump.”

In his own words, Soros stated the US economy needs to be weakened for the “world order”. He states “decline of the dollar is actually desirable – a decline of the value of the dollar is necessary” as a means to usher China into the “new world order”. China will emerge replacing the US economy.

The video also reports how he has caused havoc around the world (revolutions, civil war, coup d’etat).

George Soros: The Billionaire Who Built In Chaos

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