South Africa has reached the endpoint of Critical Race Theory

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Police officers are positioned to deal with looting in Johannesburg, South Africa, on July 12, 2021. Soldiers have been deployed in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces to deal with violent protests and looting. (Credit Image: © Yeshiel / Xinhua via ZUMA Press)

Though most media covered it sparingly, South Africa nearly collapsed. Revolver has an excellent article suggesting that South Africa has reached the endpoint of Critical Race Theory, or state-sponsored racism against whites. I’m not so optimistic.

I’m reminded of an old Ronald Reagan joke about Soviet citizens discussing Communism: “Is this it, have we achieved full Communism? Oh no, it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse.”

Blacks, more specifically, some blacks have taken over the government of South Africa and are running the country in their own interests. The new “Rainbow Nation” is built on repudiating the old, successful white South Africa. I suspect things will not get “so bad” that the people will rise up and overturn the corrupt African National Congress. Black radicals will probably gain power and push through more attempts to punish whites — even in tiny villages such as Orania — and there will be more attacks on “white monopoly capital.”

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