South Africa on the verge of ‘collapse’ as blackouts threaten all-out civil war

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South Africa is currently on edge of a “civil war” like unrest, amid warnings that the country could be facing rolling blackouts and the possibility of a total power grid failure. As the fears of mass rioting grow, Western embassies including the US and Australia have urged their citizens to stock up on “several days worth” of food and water, advising them to be on high alert during the extended blackouts that are sweeping the country during its energy crisis. The country has been grappling with frequent six-hour-long power cuts, creating a major energy crisis that has sparked mass protests and civil unrest.

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Earlier this month, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a state of disaster with immediate effect, as the country faced an acute electricity shortage.

As a result, state-owned power company Eskom has had to issue rolling blackout events known as “load shedding”, which have lasted up to 12 hours in some instances, reports.


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