South Africa – The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory” – Officially Implodes

“South Africa is disintegrating…

For decades, the South African economy has been shaped by a policy known as Broad Based Black Economic Employment…Companies receive a BBBEE scorecard based on hiring black workers, elevating black management, and giving black South Africans a share of ownership.

Companies with high BBBEE scores are given favorable tax treatment and preferences in government contracts. Corporate actors are strongly incentivized to give contracts to high BBBEE scorers as well.

The results are predictable. Remember those rolling blackouts Revolver mentioned above? Eskom, South Africa’s public electric utility company, is one of the most aggressive adopters of BBBEE.

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The company’s infrastructure is aged and failing. Its workforce is unskilled or outright incompetent. Thanks to racially-motivated contracting, its logistics are breaking down.”

This is coming to USA too. The infrastructure is going to start falling apart when the skin color is more important than worker’s skills and past performance.



h/t Big Lord


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