South Florida GOP lawmaker calls on Gov. Scott to remove Broward sheriff from office

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In his letter, Rep. Bill Hager, R-Boca Raton, pointed to the “unfathomable inaction” of Sheriff Scott Israel’s department in not acting on reports of gunman Nikolas Cruz’s erratic and dangerous behavior — including threats to shoot up a school — and of not intervening while Cruz killed 17 students and faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day.
Snip from the letter to Gov. Scott:
Various news outlets have confirmed that the School Resource Officer and three Broward Sheriff Deputies were on campus at the time of the attack and chose to take cover themselves rather than stepping up to protect our students. Not one of these trained officers made an effort to enter the building to protect students and teachers and save lives. It was not until deputies from the Coral Springs Police Department arrived, a Department not under the authority of the BSO, that uniformed officers actually entered the school and took action.
Sadly, this will not be the first time a review of the Broward Sheriff ’s Office will be done. After the mass
shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport last year a report from BSO found that BSO failed to create a unified command structure during the emergency, suffered from poor radio communication and set up an insufficient crime scene perimeter, among other faults according to Bob Norman of ABC Local 10.
An investigation by Sheriff Israel into the unfathomable inaction of these deputies will do nothing to bring back the 17 victims. The Sheriff was fully aware of the threat this individual presented to his community and chose to ignore it. Sadly, he was not the only one that ignored it. DCF, Broward County Schools, the FBI and the BSO all had the pieces to put this puzzle together, but failed to communicate.
Bill Hager-
As a result of the media reports coming out showing the gross incompetence of the @browardsheriff, I am calling on @FLGovScott to remove sheriff Israel from his post. 1/2

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel destroyed on social media with #ResignSheriffIsrael campaign
So this may be the law that people have been referring to:
Florida mayors could be removed from office if they try to enact gun control
Speaking to the Miami Herald this week — just days after the Parkland school massacre — Stoddard and several others lashed out at a local 2011 law, which gives Florida’s governor the power to remove an elected official and fine them $5,000 for creating gun-control policies.
Not sure if that law will apply in this case. Israel went after the NRA but I don’t think he has tried to enact any gun control policies locally. Maybe there is another way the Governor can remove him.
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  1. you can google 2 women in Oklahoma fighting off a robber with pistols in a liquor store. the courage of the mother and daughter in the video is more then all the yellow traitor tax parasite cops


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