South Korea patents “vaccine” consisting of 100% graphene in saline solution

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Physiological saline containing graphene dispersion and corona virus vaccine using the same


The present invention relates to an injection solution placed in blood vessels and subcutaneous tissues of the human body, physiological saline solution, glucose solution, and Ringer’s solution for the purpose of curing diseases.
The graphene-dispersed physiological saline solution of the present invention and a coronavirus vaccine using the same are intended to be used for each disease including dementia disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Huntington’s disease.

The physiological saline solution containing graphene of the present invention and a corona virus vaccine using the same is intended to be used as a therapeutic agent for viruses such as MERS, SARS, and corona.
Graphene powder having a size of 0.2 nm or less is dispersed in a means used as an injection solution such as injection solution, Ringer solution, physiological saline solution, and glucose solution used in conventional hospitals and used as a therapeutic agent.

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Ringer’s solution, in which graphene powder is dispersed, is injected into the human body where the virus has penetrated and spreads evenly throughout the body. When the virus and graphene powder meet, the graphene powder and the virus are attracted and adhered to each other with nano-cohesive force.

If graphene powder adheres to the body and spikes of the virus, the virus does not function properly and cannot multiply and eventually dies.

In the present invention, by mixing the coronavirus cultured in physiological saline containing graphene dispersed and repeating the dispersion process, the graphene nanopowder infiltrates into each microscopic organ of the corona virus’s spike protrusion to reduce the function of the corona virus, or It stops functioning or kills some coronaviruses, resulting in a coronavirus vaccine.

Claims (14l

Physiological saline solution containing graphene powder dispersed therein,
Or physiological saline solution containing biographene powder dispersed therein,
Or drinking water containing dispersed graphene powder,
Or, a physiological saline solution containing graphene dispersed in the body and a coronavirus vaccine using the same, characterized in that selected from drinking water containing biographene powder dispersed therein is vaporized with water vapor with a vaporizer and sent to the lungs in the respiratory process to treat diseases.

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