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World Debt Hits Record $164 Trillion

Bloomberg16 minutes ago

High levels of sovereign debt could make it difficult for governments to refinance when their debt reaches maturity, especially if financing conditions tighten, the IMF said. Large debts also impede the ability of nations to increase spending if their economies fall into recession, and may cause a drag on growth, according to …

Global public and private debt swelled to 225 percent of global gross domestic product in 2016, the last year for which the IMF provided figures, the fund said Wednesday in its semi-annual Fiscal Monitor report. The previous peak was in 2009, according to the Washington-based fund.

Projected US debt hike ‘stands out’ among other advanced economies: IMF

Washington Times 53m ago

NJ adding debt binge to tax hikes as spending soars

Press of Atlantic City7 hours ago
Toward the end of last month, the state Department of Treasury reported New Jersey borrowed $3.2 billion the past fiscal year, bringing its bonded debt to a record $46 … Add in the $155 billion that lawmakers have promised to spend, mainly on pensions and retiree health benefits for government workers, and New Jersey …



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