Soylent Green now becoming reality…

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Its here. This is why they’re pushing the plant-based fake meats all the sudden. They have the recipe down. Aborted fetuses. Welcome to the apocalypse.

these meals get worse and worse- yet the drive-thrus stay filled with customers every single day. people literally lining up to kill themselves, all because its easier than growing/producing our own foods. What a world we live in….

Our society is filled with addicts. Addicted to whatever their poison is, and they can’t break the cycle. This is why no revolutions or anything happens to shift society… because we are ALL ADDICTS and FEAR doing anything that would result in our ADDICTIONS being eliminated….

and now they will get us hooked on human. Just like “them”. The satanic cults. This is all getting pretty crazy but its so real once you investigate…

and no one cares…..





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