S&P: Top 25 and Bottom 25 of the S&P 500 since the equities crash of ’09

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by XMoreRightX

Pretty interesting look at how the current constituents of the S&P 500 have performed since the crash of ’09.

-Oil stocks dominated the Bottom 25.

-NVIDIA is the only semiconductor to make the Top 25.

-Netflix – wow!

>>The ranking is based on total return (which includes the effects of dividend/share buy backs etc) not Mkt Cap.

via spglobal:

Technology-focused companies led the way in total return in the 10 years since the market hit bottom amid the financial crisis.

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S&P 500 constituent companies as of March 8 had a median total return of 5.3x and had seen median market cap growth of 4.3x, after adjusting for inflation, since the lowest point by closing price on March 9, 2009.

SNL Image

S&P Global Market Intelligence ranked S&P 500 constituent companies as of March 8 based on total returns since 2009. Among the top 25 in that list, there were two companies each from the banking, internet and direct-marketing retail industries — more than any other industries.

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Ulta Beauty Inc. had a total return of 71.2x, the highest among the S&P 500, closely followed by Netflix Inc. with a total return of 62.6x. In terms of market capitalization growth, Incyte Corp. led the chart with a 74.0x increase.



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