SPAIN: The Municipal Police of Madrid uses the public address system to clear the streets: “Go back to your homes for the well-being of all”

The alert by the coronavirus launched by the Administrations has not deterred the citizens of Madrid to go out into the street. For that reason, the city Council has been forced to close all the parks of the city before the crush of people, confirm from the Area of Environment and Mobility. A few parks which include both the usual and the historical that the corporation has the ability to close and that it will be closing its doors from 16.00 hours.

Due to the concentration of people, the Municipal Police has had to intervene in different green areas of the capital and has proceeded with the eviction over the public address system of Park of The Retiro and the Parque Juan Carlos, two of the main areas of the environmental infrastructure of the city. Instructions were also given to the many people that walked around this morning for the Madrid River and Casa de Campo. The agents by the pa insisted: “Go to their homes for the health and well-being of all”. Faced with the inability to close an open space, the Municipal Police will be displayed vigilant to avoid a repeat of the cases this morning in the two areas of the capital.

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Intense measure.