SPAIN: Top Politician Javier Ortega Smith Tests Positive for Coronavirus – Other Officials Likley Infected

Vox has officially communicated that its secretary general, Javier Ortega Smith, has tested positive for coronavirus in a test carried out in the last few hours. The story jumps two days after that Vox held a major event with 9,000 people in Vistalegre (Madrid), which is asking for forgiveness after recognizing that it was a “mistake”.

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has made a video statement in which has accused directly to Pedro Sanchez of “lied” and “hidden information,” demonstrating his “irresponsibility, lack of scruples and inability”. “This is a Government that has gone on with latex gloves to a demonstration while agreeing to the spaniards that they had to take action and that the spotlights were controlled,” he says.