SPANISH SHOCK: “Thousands in Spain attend rally of fledgling far-right party” (Patriot, anti-immigration party emerging in Spain)

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MADRID (AP) — Thousands of Spaniards attended a rally Sunday of the fledging far-right VOX party as it tries to grab a foothold in Spain’s political spectrum.

Javier Ortega, the party’s general secretary, told the crowd at Madrid’s Vistalegre sports hall that VOX has “one clear objective: Spaniards first.” Ortega also railed against abortion and what he called “the dictatorship of the politically correct.”

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Ortega and party President Santiago Abascal led the rally, which demanded that Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez call an early election. Many in the audience waved Spanish flags and joined in chants of “A united Spain is never defeated!”

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A new Lepenist, patriot, anti-immigration party is emerging in Spain. You saw it here before.

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