SPY gambling lookup table

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by validscramble

Good afternoon fellow reeetail investors!

I’ve been noticing some comments mentioning really stupid SPY option buys, so I thought I’d share a table I threw together. Assuming you’re planning on holding your options to expiration, like I know you diamond-handed dummies are, just look up the value you think SPY will get to, the date you think it will get there by, and find the best option for your money and how much money you’ll make if you’re right. If you’re thinking, “I think SPY will drop to 250, why wouldn’t I just buy the 250p?”, this is the table for you!

All values assume you’re just taking out the offer like the completely uninformed buyer you are. Tip: always bid less than the offer.

Example: if you think SPY will drop to 250 by June 15th for that second leg down, you’ll find in the second table that you should buy the 272 put for a 9 bagger.

5/26 5/27 5/29 6/1 6/3 6/5 6/8 6/10
150 235p 225p 251p 220p 220p 220p 220p 220p
4250.0x 3750.0x 631.2x 1750.0x 1166.7x 700.0x 583.3x 411.8x
160 235p 225p 251p 220p 220p 220p 220p 220p
3750.0x 3250.0x 568.8x 1500.0x 1000.0x 600.0x 500.0x 352.9x
170 235p 225p 251p 220p 220p 220p 220p 220p
3250.0x 2750.0x 506.2x 1250.0x 833.3x 500.0x 416.7x 294.1x
180 235p 225p 251p 220p 220p 220p 220p 220p
2750.0x 2250.0x 443.8x 1000.0x 666.7x 400.0x 333.3x 235.3x
190 235p 225p 251p 220p 220p 220p 220p 220p
2250.0x 1750.0x 381.2x 750.0x 500.0x 300.0x 250.0x 176.5x
200 235p 225p 251p 220p 220p 220p 220p 225p
1750.0x 1250.0x 318.8x 500.0x 333.3x 200.0x 166.7x 119.0x
210 235p 235p 251p 230p 225p 230p 230p 235p
1250.0x 833.3x 256.2x 333.3x 187.5x 125.0x 105.3x 78.1x
220 235p 235p 251p 235p 240p 240p 240p 240p
750.0x 500.0x 193.8x 187.5x 111.1x 76.9x 64.5x 50.0x
230 252p 245p 251p 245p 245p 250p 250p 250p
440.0x 300.0x 131.2x 100.0x 65.2x 46.5x 40.0x 31.2x
240 255p 254p 254p 254p 256p 259p 257p 260p
250.0x 155.6x 73.7x 53.8x 37.2x 27.1x 23.6x 18.9x
250 262p 262p 263p 264p 267p 267p 269p 268p
120.0x 75.0x 36.1x 28.0x 19.8x 15.2x 13.5x 11.2x
260 271p 272p 273p 274p 276p 277p 277p 279p
47.8x 30.8x 16.9x 13.6x 10.5x 8.5x 7.7x 6.7x
270 278p 280p 283p 284p 286p 288p 288p 289p
16.3x 11.8x 7.8x 6.7x 5.5x 4.7x 4.4x 4.0x
280 289p 290p 292p 293p 295p 296p 297p 298p
5.3x 4.5x 3.6x 3.2x 2.9x 2.6x 2.5x 2.3x
290 299p 300p 302p 303p 305p 307p 307p 308p
1.8x 1.7x 1.5x 1.5x 1.4x 1.4x 1.4x 1.3x
300 289c 286c 283c 279c 274c 270c 269c 266c
1.2x 1.2x 1.1x 1.1x 1.1x 1.1x 1.1x 1.1x
310 306c 306c 305c 304c 303c 302c 302c 300c
8.3x 6.3x 4.2x 3.6x 2.9x 2.5x 2.3x 2.0x
320 314c 314c 314c 314c 314c 314c 314c 313c
75.0x 50.0x 28.6x 22.2x 16.2x 11.8x 10.2x 8.0x
330 323c 321c 321c 322c 321c 321c 321c 321c
350.0x 225.0x 128.6x 100.0x 69.2x 47.4x 40.9x 31.0x
340 330c 325c 330c 330c 330c 330c 330c 330c
1000.0x 500.0x 333.3x 333.3x 200.0x 142.9x 125.0x 100.0x
350 330c 335c 335c 335c 335c 335c 335c 335c
2000.0x 1500.0x 750.0x 750.0x 500.0x 375.0x 300.0x 214.3x

split for your narrow screen

6/12 6/15 6/17 6/19 6/22 6/26 6/30
150 220p 215p 220p 247p 180p 235p 247p
333.3x 325.0x 233.3x 89.8x 300.0x 91.4x 57.7x
160 220p 215p 220p 247p 190p 235p 247p
285.7x 275.0x 200.0x 80.6x 214.3x 80.6x 51.8x
170 220p 215p 220p 247p 200p 235p 247p
238.1x 225.0x 166.7x 71.3x 150.0x 69.9x 45.8x
180 220p 215p 220p 247p 210p 235p 247p
190.5x 175.0x 133.3x 62.0x 107.1x 59.1x 39.9x
190 220p 215p 220p 247p 220p 235p 247p
142.9x 125.0x 100.0x 52.8x 75.0x 48.4x 33.9x
200 225p 225p 225p 247p 230p 235p 247p
96.2x 86.2x 69.4x 43.5x 51.7x 37.6x 28.0x
210 235p 235p 235p 247p 235p 235p 247p
64.1x 56.8x 47.2x 34.3x 35.2x 26.9x 22.0x
220 245p 245p 245p 247p 245p 245p 248p
41.0x 36.8x 30.9x 25.0x 23.1x 18.1x 16.1x
230 250p 250p 255p 254p 255p 256p 257p
26.0x 23.3x 19.7x 16.4x 15.2x 12.3x 11.1x
240 261p 260p 260p 263p 265p 268p 268p
15.9x 14.5x 12.6x 10.6x 10.0x 8.3x 7.7x
250 271p 272p 273p 274p 275p 276p 278p
9.7x 9.0x 8.0x 6.9x 6.6x 5.7x 5.3x
260 281p 281p 283p 283p 285p 286p 287p
6.0x 5.6x 5.2x 4.5x 4.4x 3.9x 3.7x
270 291p 291p 292p 293p 295p 295p 296p
3.7x 3.5x 3.3x 3.0x 2.9x 2.6x 2.5x
280 299p 300p 301p 301p 300p 304p 304p
2.2x 2.2x 2.1x 1.9x 1.8x 1.7x 1.7x
290 310p 311p 312p 314p 315p 316p 317p
1.3x 1.3x 1.3x 1.2x 1.2x 1.2x 1.1x
300 264c 256c 250c 252c 250c 245c 252c
1.1x 1.1x 1.1x 1.1x 1.0x 1.0x 1.0x
310 299c 299c 298c 297c 295c 295c 293c
1.9x 1.8x 1.7x 1.7x 1.6x 1.5x 1.5x
320 313c 313c 312c 312c 310c 311c 310c
6.5x 5.9x 5.1x 4.7x 4.4x 3.8x 3.5x
330 321c 320c 320c 321c 320c 320c 321c
24.3x 21.3x 17.2x 15.5x 14.5x 11.9x 10.5x
340 330c 330c 330c 330c 330c 330c 329c
71.4x 58.8x 50.0x 43.5x 40.0x 31.2x 28.2x
350 335c 340c 335c 337c 335c 335c 335c
166.7x 142.9x 115.4x 100.0x 88.2x 71.4x 65.2x


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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