Spying On Africa & the Collapse of “5 Eyes” Global Spy Network!

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by Thinker

Since WWII “5 Eyes” International Spy Network has helped the UK & USA maintain a stronghold on Africa by keeping tabs on African presidents, opposition leaders, business leaders, heads of military, etc. But with the Collapse of the global spy network after they were allegedly caught “spying” on Trump for Obama, Africa can now breathe a sigh of relief…. Or Can they? It’s about everyone standing up for everyone else. We are “ALL” connected and now the international war between the pedophiles for satan and the agents for the Creator. Who are you supporting?

Trump the Savior?? Why Trump Is Good for Africa!

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Is Gaddafi working from beyond the grave? How many house Negros sold out their own people in Africa for wealth? Africa’s wealthy? Put corruption behind their name and if nothing comes up then you know they have earned their wealth the right way. The wealthy that give back to their communities are the wealthy who have hearts of gold. You can buy a heart of gold, it comes from the love that radiates from all that is given, be it money or of oneself. Africa is changing and past U.S. presidents may not be welcome anymore…Hillary didn’t win! Good vs Evil and nothing else really matters, not religion, nation, color, language. Only that which in your heart will show the world who you truly are by your actions.

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The world is controlled and run but secret societies. There is currently a very serious and deadly war going on between the freemason and the globalist illuminati; the two secret societies that control the world. Trump is stranding in the way of the complete domination and control of the world by the NWO globalists, but what does this mean for Africa?


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