Taiwanese company secretly deploying facial recognition system in major cities for preemptive policing

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Trunews, 7/6/18

TruNews correspondent Edward Szall interviews Bruce Bateman, CTO of Lite-On Technology Corp, a world renowned Taiwanese information technology device manufacturer. They discuss the crowd sensing facial recognition system the company has discreetly deployed in a number of major cities, with the goal of providing an actionable preemptive crime tool. The software, deployed through street level cameras, assigns a digital ID, makes an age prediction and estimates emotional status, after scanning the faces of any individuals who unsuspectingly pass through it’s Orwellian gaze.

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Part 1 (part 2 below)

In Part 2, the pair discuss Smart City surveillance, city planning with 5G and how IoT devices, preemptive public services and AI drone deployments are all a preview of the coming Global Brain.

Part 2


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