Staffing shortages plaguing United States from schools to airlines

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The lack of workers is being felt across the board from hospitals to schools, where teachers and staff are struggling to keep up. Plus, thousands of flights have been canceled across the United States as staffing shortages creates the perfect storm for travelers. (01:26)

Meanwhile, the 2009 settlement between Jeffrey Epstein and one of his most vocal accusers, Virginia Giuffre, is being made public for the first time. News Views Hughes takes a look at what it could mean for Giuffre’s lawsuit accusing Prince Andrew of abusing her when she was a child. (12:28)

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And, it’s being called the largest sewage spill ever in Los Angeles County, coming in at a record 8.5 Million gallons. Why basic infrastructure continues to be such a major obstacle in the world’s largest economy?(18:03)

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00:00 Full Show
01:26 Staffing Shortages
12:28 Court Document Released (Jeffrey Epstein Case)
18:03 Sewage Spills Into Ocean


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