Stagflation nation: America’s high inflation and slowing economic growth

by Boo_Randy

It’s going to get harder for the Brandon regime, Yellen the Felon, and the pathological liars at the Fed to keep up their dissembling about the true extent of stagflation when even their media lapdogs are starting to call them out on it. Meanwhile, the Fed’s weak-dick .75% rate hikes are completely negated by Money Printer Go BRRRRR as the Fed issues trillions in new debt, than buys it up with Yellen Bux confetti “money” to artificially suppress both ends of the yield curve and herd yield-seekers into the Wall Street’s rigged casino.

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Much of this week has been spent talking about the “r” word. A more precise description of where things stand is the “s” word: stagflation.

Why it matters: The latest data on wages and inflation, combined with last quarter’s contraction, point to a mix of flat growth paired with persistently high inflation.

What’s new: Friday morning brought a dose of bad news for Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell, courtesy of an indicator he watches closely.


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