Stagflation: Oats close to 2008 highs… Shipping rates stay high…M2 growth rate down… Global debt has exceeded all historical levels… Fed to slowdown stimulus efforts

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Global Debt Has Exceeded All Historical Levels

On 17th of February 2021, the Institute of International Finance published calculus that at the end of 2020 it amounted to 281 trillion US dollars (3) or 355% of the global GDP and this figure does not even include this years announcements of public borrowings; therefore, there is quite a logical open question, how sustainable is the “spend-borrow-repeat” approach?

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U.S. Senate Poised To Pass $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Debate $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday is set to hand President Joe Biden a $1 trillion victory when it votes to pass one of the largest infrastructure investment bills in decades and then launches debate on a budget framework aimed at setting the stage for $3.5 trillion in additional investments.

Global Demand Isn’t Booming. So Why Are Shipping Rates This High?

Maersk results offer more evidence that capacity constraints and U.S. — not worldwide — demand drive rates.

China’s COVID Lockdown Could Have Economic Costs to the World, Says Strategist

China’s tough Covid-19 measures to combat an uptick in daily cases would hold back economic growth and hit markets, said veteran strategist David Roche.

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Rosengren: Fed should begin slowing stimulus efforts by fall

China is also facing a period of stagflation

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