Start New Year's Day Off With A Good Laugh At CNN'S Expense! BITTER LEMON!

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by Pamela Williams
HA! HA! News Anchor at CNN, Don Lemon, had his mic pulled last night while hosting CNN’s NYE festivities from New Orleans with Brooke Baldwin. Oh, what a night it was! The hosts were drinking tequila, and you could hear their glasses clinking as they chatted away. Lemon asked for more drinks, and then he started about what an “awful” year 2016 had been. I wish I had watched that, but I missed it.

Suddenly CNN pulled his mic, and all sound was cut.  Lemon must have cried behind the scenes…seriously, this is so funny.  Lemon actually did not have such a great 2016 year.  He and Trump sparred on Twitter before Trump won the election, and Trump really got the best of Lemon.    #drunkdonlemon trended for the second time on Twitter.  The CNN host had taken hits from Trump during the Republican’s rise – most notably when he was called a ‘lightweight’ and ‘dumb as a rock’ by Trump on Twitter – so it’s understandable that he might not have fond memories of the year.

‘Happy New Year,’ Lemon can be heard saying. ‘Oh my god! I need a little more – pour me a little more – a little more – perfect. That had a big head on it.’ 

‘I can’t hear a damn thing,’ Lemon says to Baldwin, who agrees.

Then he continues: ‘So 2016 was awful…’ 

And suddenly the sound dips away completely. Footage of New Orleans crowds plays silently for five seconds.

Then the sound comes back – minus Lemon and Baldwin. 

What could have spooked the producers? Could Baldwin have been about to shed the ‘lightweight’ label and launch a counter-attack on the President-elect? 

Sadly, we may never know.

If 2016 was painful for Lemon, then he saw the year out in appropriate fashion, getting an ear piercing live on air.

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As midnight approached in Louisiana, the host tweeted: #CNN producers & @brookebcnn trying to convince me to get a tattoo or a piercing of some sort. Should I? #cnnnye’

And it wasn’t an empty threat either, as he recruited a piercer shortly afterward to stick a needle through his earlobe live on television.

‘If this hurts I’m going to be so mad,’ he winced as co-host Brooke Baldwin gripped his hand tightly in support.

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OH, and meanwhile in New York at the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square: Mariah Carey suffered through a nightmare train wreck performance in Times Square on New Years’s Eve as technical problems left her completely out-of-syc with her lip syncing track – causing her to storm off stage. The megastar diva was supposed to herald in 2017 and say good riddance to 2016 before the traditional ball drop by performing two hits, Emotions and We Belong Together. However, she appeared unable to hear any backing track, so stopped pretending to sing and put a hand on her hip while the backing vocal track of her voice carried on without her. Furious with the unfolding disaster in front of millions inside Times Square and watching at home, Carey, who was dressed in a stunning pink bodysuit, began pacing in frustration across the stage. Trying to keep calm, she stopped and told the crowd that despite the performance falling apart at the seams, ‘I’m trying to be a good sport here’. Her backup dancers bravely carried on, but quickly became confused leading Mariah to say, ‘It is what it is,’ she said. ‘It just don’t get any better’ – at which point she walked off the stage. Mariah later tried to brush off the huge blunder, writing ‘s*** happens’ in an Instagram post after the set

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I missed it all, as I went to bed! HA!



15 thoughts on “Start New Year's Day Off With A Good Laugh At CNN'S Expense! BITTER LEMON!

  1. HOW do they DO IT? The DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS being sold to the US citizens as first rate are as PHONEY as the EVOO you get at the store.
    NOBODY CARES who hacked the scumbags and liars at the DNC it’s the WORDS ON THE E-MAILS FOOLS!

  2. I’ve never watched CNN, don’t know who he is, and don’t care.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Shortly, the gay, Marxist, Muslim, using a phony birth certificate and illegal SS#, living with a man and two adopted girls in the WH will be gone and a real adult will take over.

    • 8 years and the mass media never told us that their rent-a-kids were not their biological children! Of course that probably would have been worse when everybody finds out shortly that Michelle was not born a woman.

  3. I watched Faux News covering Times Square, then they switched to CNN in New Orleans for Central Time Zone with him and the blonde bimbo. You could certainly tell the CNN coverage was listless, lifeless and the gaiety forced. The black anchor was making a total fool of himself: maudlin, rambling and TOTALLY self-absorbed. None of these network people seem comfortable once they’re thrust in the real world surrounded by everyday people, they can’t think on their feet and their lame dialogue is sleep inducing.

    • Hey…what was up with Jenny McCarthey’s cheek bone implants? Looked like Frankenstein almost but without the flat head( and still no brain)..

  4. The broadcast was hacked into by the Russians! Lemon was beamed away to a remote spot in Siberia where he now interviews the locals on how to make ice cubes.
    Happy New Year Everybody!!!!

  5. The lemon was bitter! Nothing makes me sadder than to see a Bolshevist cry. That down low brother just got a little lower.

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